Turn the laptop’s display. How to rotate a laptop’s display in Windows and Mac


On a laptop with a widescreen display, rotating the screen can give you a better view of some websites and make reading long documents easier on the eyes. You can also try different positions to avoid neck strain. Here’s how to rotate your laptop screen in Windows and on a Mac. For other ways to improve your laptop’s ergonomics, check out our guide on how to set up an ergonomic laptop workstation. Windows: How to rotate a laptop screen To rotate your laptop screen in Windows 10, head to Start > Settings > System.

How to rotate your laptop screen in Windows

On a Windows laptop, you can rotate your screen by going to the “Control Panel” and then selecting “Display.” Click on the “Orientation” drop-down menu, and then select the orientation you want. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to rotate your screen. On Windows laptops, the shortcut to rotate your screen clockwise is “Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow.” To rotate your screen counterclockwise, use the shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow.”

How to rotate your laptop screen on a Mac

If you have a MacBook with a Touch Bar, you can use the Control Strip to rotate your screen. If you don’t have a Touch Bar, you’ll need to use System Preferences. How to rotate your screen in System Preferences: 1. Open System Preferences. You can click the System Preferences icon in the Dock or click the Apple menu and then select System Preferences. 2. Click Displays. 3. Click the Rotate drop-down menu. 4. Select the rotation you want: 90°, 180°, or 270°.


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