Hidden Features of Latest 5G Phones

5G is the next-gen version of the world’s most popular wireless network, which will be made available to all mobile phones and other devices. 5G brings with it a whole host of new features and improvements that will offer faster data speeds, as well as lower latency and accelleration. It also involves several new security … Read more

Android 13 : The New era of Android Experience

Android 13 : The New era of Android Experience

The Android mobile platform has an illustrious history of delivering authentic user experiences. From its humble beginnings as a simple software modification to support smartphone applications to the present day, the Android mobile ecosystem has always strived to deliver experiences that are practical, intuitive and fun. In the era of Android 13, Google is under … Read more

Now available Google Play Games on PC

Google’s Play Games for PC program is now available in the US and seven other countries after launching in Canada last month. The program allows PC gamers to play Android games on their computers. Google has been working on the program for over a year and it is finally available to a wider audience. What … Read more